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 1  Chapati bread: is a thin soft bread from wholemeal flour as pancake rolled:  1,10
 2          Nann bread: is a spicy flatbread of wheat  flour:  1,90
 3  Paratha bread: is an airy light bread made of wheat flour:  1,50
 4  Aloo paratha bread: stuffed with a spicy potato mixture:  2,40
 5  Basmati rice:  2,00


6     Red lentil soup with Tomatoes: 3,20
7 Chicken Soup: 3,60
8 Mung beans with lamb: 3,80
9 Indian vegetable soup with Pumpkin Sweet potato Jerusalemartichoke and tomato: 3,00


10 Mixed salad with coriander: 3,20
11 Green leaf salad with chicken breast: 5,60
12 Green leaf salad with shrimp: 6,90
13 Green leaf salad with seafood: 7,50


15 Vegetable Pakora*:     3,50
16 Chicken Pakora*: 4,90
17 Shrimp Pakora*: 5,50
18 Paneer Pakora (homemade fresh Cheese)*: 5,00
19 Fried Okra(five-cornered vegetables pepeprs): 4,20
20 Shrimp Tikki (choppedshrimp with spicy breaded and fried): 6,20
21 Samosa (vegetable felt in pastry and fried. Per portion 2 pieces): 3,60
22 Papadam ( very thin crisp fried patties made of lentils flour 2 pieces): 1,00
  * Fried in a crispy chickpea bater  

Main dishes

Skewers by Tandoori Type

Fish and meat is marinated in a spice paste and grilled


23 Boneless skinless chicken breast: 11,80
24 Chicken thighs and chicken breast with bone in: 10,80
25 Lamb from the leg: 13,50
26 Sheek Kebab skewered lamb minced meat with spices and grilled: 13,50
27 Screen giant big Prawns headless shelled: 15,50
28 Dorado Fish: 13,50


As side dishes Bread or Rice


 Chicken Curry

29 Jalfrezi: Chicken breast fillet in tomato chilli sauce: 8,90
30 White Jalfrezi: Chicken breast fillet in cream sauce: 9,90
31 Bhuna: Chicken breast in herb-pepper tomato sauce: 9,90
32 Balti pan: Chicken breast fillet in herbal paste: 9,90
33 Korma: Chicken breast with artichoke, peas, yoghurt and coconut milk: 10,90
34 Tikka masala: Chicken breast fillet of grilled marinated in a spicy tomato sauce: 10,90

Murgh Makhani: Chicken breast with curry cream sauce by heating the sauce and mix

butter and fresh tomatoes Cocusrasplen:

36 Cajun: Chicken breast in mango pineapple sauce 10,90
37 Palak Chicken: Spinach with chicken breast  and cream sauce 9,90

 Lamb Curry

38 Kofta: lamb with coconut milk, peas and yoghurt: 11,80€
39 Do-Piaza: lamb with onion, pepper and tomato: 11,80
40 Laal Maas: Lamb with lemon, tomatoes and yoghurt: 11,80
41 Pasanda: lamb with roasted almonds and cream: 11,80
42 Rojan Josh: Lamb with yoghurt and orange sauce: 11,80

Fish Curry

43 Fish Masala: Prawns with Jerusalem artichokes, peas and cream sauce: 10,90
44 Sea Fish fillet: braised salmon fillet with curry sauce fruity hot 11,90


45 Dalna: Mixed vegetables with various spices 8,20
46 Aloo gobi: Cauliflower, potatoes, peas fresh ginger: 8,20
47 Palak Paneer: Spinach with homemade cheese and cream: 8,20
48 Tarka Dal: Spicy chickpeas with roasted tomatoes and Zwieble: 7,20


49 Roasted spiced saffron rice with chicken breast fillet served with curry sauce: 11,90
50 Roasted Spiced saffron rice with lamb served with curry sauce: 13,50€
51 Roasted spiced saffron rice with prawns served with curry sauce: 13,50


61 Vanilla Ice cream on mango puree: 3,50
62 Shrikhand : saffron cardamom yoghurt with palm juice: 3,00
63 Boondi Laddu: Sweet pea balls: 3,50
64 Rasmalai: Quark balls in pistachio cream sauce: 3,50
65 Gulab Jamun: Deep-fried Cheese balls in sugar syrup flavoured: 3,50